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Water Damage Cleanup in Miami FL

Mold Remediation

Mold can be a dangerous fungus that grows in wet areas. It can cause health issues like respiratory infections and allergies, as well as damage the structural integrity of a property. It can also lower the curb appeal of a home or business, so it is vital to have it removed and prevented from growing again. If you suspect that your home or business has mold, contact FDP Mold Remediation of Miami for assessment and remediation services.

Odor Removal

Flooding, fires, sewage backups, and mold can all create foul odors that are hard to get rid of on your own. These odors often spread through porous building materials and furnishings and can be difficult to clean without professional disaster restoration services.

Even after cleaning the water, the bacteria and spores that are in the water can cause odors to continue to linger. This is a common problem for homeowners and property managers alike, because odors are not only unpleasant, but they can also lead to health concerns.

Luckily, the city of Miami has the odor removal services you need to restore your home to a clean and healthy state. At Water Damage Cleanup in Miami FL, we have the experience and expertise to remove foul odors from your property quickly and effectively. We can help you determine where the odors are coming from, and we can ensure they’re removed in a way that’s safe for your family.